How We Hire

Find out how to get started with AUE Staffing.

Get a Local Government Job

AUE Staffing is the expert in making the right match between job seekers and government agencies that need your skills. Our hiring process is designed to ensure we place you in a role that aligns with your experience, skills, and career goals. We do our best to make the process as simple and efficient as possible, while also providing you with the support and resources you need to succeed.
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AUE Staffing Step-By-Step Hiring Process:


Job seeker reaches out for employment: A job seeker expresses interest in finding employment through AUE Staffing by submitting their resume through the website, job boards, or by contacting the company directly.


Designated Staffing Specialist is assigned: The staffing specialist is responsible for guiding the job seeker through hiring and finding suitable job opportunities.


Candidate schedules an appointment for interview: During this interview, the staffing specialist will ask questions to assess the job seeker’s skills, work experience, and employment preferences.


Staffing Specialist reviews candidate qualifications: Based on the job seeker’s interview and resume, the staffing specialist will assess their qualifications and job skills to match them with the most suitable open position.


Staffing Specialist performs pre-employment screening: If the staffing specialist finds a suitable match, the job seeker will undergo a pre-employment screening process. This may include verifying employment history and education, conducting background and drug tests and fingerprinting.


Candidate is cleared for duty: Once the job seeker passes the pre-employment screening process, they are cleared for duty and ready to start working.


Confirmed and sent on assignment: The staffing specialist confirms the job seeker’s assignment and sends them to work at the client’s site.


Assignment progress check-ins: The staffing specialist follows up with both the job seeker and the client to ensure that the job seeker is performing well, and that the client is satisfied with their work. Regular check-ins ensure that any issues are addressed and resolved promptly.